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The Enlightenment Salon   Tags: enlightenment, philosophes, philosophy  

Ms. Cullen, Dr. Riley
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Reference Sources



Reference Sources:

Ref 103 E The Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Use the index in the last volume to locate a detailed article about the philosopher you are studying as well as other articles that mention him or her. Check the bibliography at the end of the article for sources by and about the philosopher.

Ref 920 A American National Biography (for Jefferson, Paine and Franklin)

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History (for de Gouges and Wollstonecraft)


    Books in the Edith Hamilton Library Collection

    Check the Bryn Mawr Library Catalog to locate more books on your philosopher and the Enlightenment Period. 

    Search Ebrary Academic e-Book Collection

    The Age of Enlightenment: Basic Writings.  Introd. & Commentary by Isaac Berlin. (190.8 B)

    The Age of Reason and the Enlightenment, vol. 3­4 of European Writers.  (Ref 809 E)

    Aldington, Voltaire (921 Voltaire)

    Ayers, Michael.  Locke.  (192 AE

    Barzun, Jacques, From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to present ( See The "The Encyclopedic Century") 

    Collins, John Churton.  Voltaire, Montesquieu and Rousseau in England.  E­book published first in 1908.

    Conroy, Peter V.  Jean­Jacques Rousseau  (848.509 R) ­ [Read Chapter Six on Emile]

    Cousins, Norman In God We Trust (973.4C)

    Damrosch, Leo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (921 Rousseau)

    Diderot, Denis.  Encyclopedia.  Selections.  (034.1 D) Excellent introduction; includes important selections from the multi­volume original.

    Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment  (Ref 940.25 W)

    The Enlightenment.  (Vol 5 of The Spirit of Western Civilization) (190 C)

    Enlightenment Portraits. (944.034 E) See section on "The Man of Letters" for background and information on salons.

    Events That Changed the World in the Eighteenth Century (909.7 E)

    Ferguson, Moira and Janet Todd.  Mary Wollstonecraft.  (828.6 W)  See Chapter 2: Early Writings on Education.

    Fleming, Thomas Liberty: The American Revolution ( 973.3F)

    Foley, Duncan, Adam's fallacy : a guide to economic theology (330.153)

    Gay, Peter L.  Age of Enlightenment (Time­Life series on the Great Ages of Man) (940.253 G)

    __________.  The Enlightenment.  (190 G v.1­2)

    Gay, Peter, ed.  John Locke on Education.  (370 L )

    __________.  The Party of Humanity. (194 G)

    Gray, John.  Voltaire.  (194 G)

    Grayling, A.C. Descartes : the life and times of a genius (921 Descartes )

    Great Books of the Western World, v. 38: Montesquieu; Rousseau.  See Montesquieu's Spirit of the Laws, Bk. IV. That the

    Laws of Education Ought to be in Relation to the Principles of Government.  (082 G)

    Great Books of the Western World

    Hendel, Charles. Hume Selections.(192 H)

    Ingersoll, Robert Green.  On Diderot.  E­text Note: Ingersoll was a very famous radical atheist of the nineteenth century.

    Jenson, Merrill, Founding of a Nation ((973.27 J)

    Kimball, Marie.  Jefferson : the Scene of Europe, 1784­1789.  (921 Jefferson)

    ___________.   The Road to Glory, 1743­1776.  (921 Jefferson )

    Locke, John.  The Second Treatise of Government.  (192 L) See the introduction especially.

    Mack, Maynard, Alexander Pope:A Life (921 Pope)

    Maier, Pauline From Resistance to Revolution (973.27M)

    Malone, Dumas. Jefferson and His Time : The Sage of Monticello.  (921 Jefferson v.6)

    Maurois, Andre', Voltaire (921 Voltaire)

    McCullough, David, 1776 (973.3M)

    Macfarlane, Alan, The riddle of the modern world : of liberty, wealth and equality  (303.401 M)   

    Miller, Calvin Craig.  Mary Wollstonecraft and the Rights of Women.  (921 Wollstonecraft) ­ an anecdotal biography.

    The New Cambridge Modern History, v.7, The Old Regime 1713­63 and v.8, The American and French Revolutions,
    1763­93.   (Ref 909 N)  

    Norton and Popkin. David Hume Philosophical Historian. (192 H).

    Outram, Dorinda.  The Enlightenment. (190 O)  See pages on Salons.

    Rousseau, Jean­Jacques.  Emile.  (844 R)

    Snyder, Louis L. Age of Reason. (940.25 S)

    Journal Articles

    To locate journal articles on your philosopher and/or themes check the following databases:

    World History in Context (This database contains reference articles, primary sources, journal articles and more.)







      Eighteenth Century Studies - This collection archives works of the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies.

      Internet History Sourcebooks:Enlightenment

      Salon Life (From the Internet Modern History Sourcebook)  See the whole section on the Enlightenment for much valuable information.


      Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Rousseau


      Denis Diderot Biography - includes three views that put his life and work into perspective. 

      Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Diderot

      Olymphe de Gouge

      Olympe de Gouge: Declaration of the Rights of ... - Fordham


      Voltaire at  ( If this link does not work, go to the main site address and search for Voltaire.  Good for other philosophers also.

      Voltaire and Frederick the Great -  from Books and Characters, French and English, by Lytton Strachey.  This is a long passage, with important quotes in French, but it is also excellent in showing the complicated relationship between the two men.


      Montesquieu - entry from The Catholic Encyclopedia

      Montesquieu: Ideological Co-Founder of the American Constitution along with John Locke - short biography and some quotations

      Montesquieu: The Spirit of the Laws - translated excerpt from Modern History Sourcebook


      Thomas Jefferson digital resources at the University of Virginia

      The Jefferson Cyclopedia, a Comprehensive Collection of All the Views of Thomas Jefferson - arrangement is alphabetical in this treasure house, from which views on religion, education, and government may easily be extracted--if one doesn't get distracted by reading ever more from this American polymath.

      Life of Jefferson: 34 Philosopher of Monticello

      Thomas Jefferson: Creating a Virginia Republic - Jefferson views on education among other things; includes writings and commentary and thumbnails of actual documents.  Part of the Library of Congress American Memory Project


      Beccaria: Essay on Crimes and Punishment

      Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy-Beccaria


      Mary Wollstonecraft, 1749-1797 in Philosophical Dictionary of Terms and Names

      Mary Wollstonecraft, 1749-1797 in The History Guide : Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History. 

      Mary Wollstonecraft - hypertext entry from Spartacus.Schoolnet, the British encyclopedia of history for schools. Ignore the ads and read the text.

      Mary Wollstonecraft - Article from Feminist Writers (Gale/Thompson publication, 1996)

      A Vindication of the Rights of Women - from; one can search this text for "education" and discover much relevant information


      Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Locke

      John Locke - History Guide : Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History

      Locke: Knowledge and its Limits in Philosophical Dictionary of Terms and Names, Philosophers


      David Hume: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

      The Hume Society

      The Library of Economics and Liberty: David Hume




      Edward Gibbon - 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica - Free Online

      History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire, by Edward ...

      Biography of Edward Gibbon - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

       Baron Paul-Henri Holbach

      Paul-Henri Thiry (Baron) d'Holbach (Stanford Encyclopedia of ...

      Holbach, Paul Henri Dietrich, Baron d' - Enlightenment Revolution


      Emmanual Kant: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

      CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

      Modern History Sourcebook: What is Enlightenment?


      Rene Descartes: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

      Descartes, René: Overview [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

      Adam Smith

      BBC - History - Historic Figures: Adam Smith (1723-1790)

      Concise Encyclopedia of Economics entry on Adam Smith

      Marquis Marie-Jean Condorcet

      Modern History Sourcebook: Condorcet

      Marie-Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis de Condorcet:Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

      Revised September, 2017


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